The Blue and Gray Civil War Reenactment is the largest battle
reenactment west of the Mississippi.
Hundreds of Reenactors come from all over the state and nation
each year for this spectacular event.
In 2017, the reenactment will be held in Moorpark, CA,
on land at the very west end of High Street,
behind the Moorpark Post Office.
This event will make history come
to life right before your eyes!
The "Blue and Gray Civil War Reenactment" is conducted to
educate the general public about the historical significance of the Civil War and its effect and influence on the history of the great nation of the United States of America including demonstrating the horrors of war which led to an enormous number of ultimate sacrifices given by the military and how the end of the war resulted in the abolishment of slavery. 
Our hope is that it serves to stress the importance of Peace and Conflict Resolution which is one of Rotary's Areas of Focus.
Specific battles are accurately recreated each day involving militia, artillery, and cavalry units.
Muskets fire and cannons blast.
There are 5 battle reenactments scheduled.
The Confederate army will surrender to the Union.
President Lincoln will deliver the Gettysburg Address.
Union and Confederate as well as Sutler encampments can be visited where various demonstrations occur.
Period era clothing and goods are also available for purchase.
Historic dancing and music will also be playing near the food court.
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