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Bring American History to Life!


To get students to fully appreciate what it was like during the American
Civil War, there is no better way to share those impressions than to
take them to a quality Civil War Reenactment, or encourage them to
attend and gather information that they can submit for extra class credit. 
Over the past several years, we have had a number of educators call
and arrange for a group discount in order to take their American History
class to our event on Saturday.  When you see the smiles on their
faces and the enthusiasm of the students while they're learning about
events during the War, you realize what a wonderful educational
experience it is for them.  They get to see first-hand whata typical
Civil War encampment looks like, the horror of a surgeon's tent, the
soldier's clothing, their guns and ammunition, canons firing, the thrill
of talking to Abraham Lincoln and General Lee, a typical soldier's mess,
and they'll be able to talk to re-enactors, in full costume.   All of this
will bring the experience to life for the students.  A former
Superintendent of Moorpark Unified School District, Dr. Frank
de Pasquale, observed students several years back and commented,
"It's like bringing American History to life for the students." 
If you haven't planned a field trip for your history class, let me
encourage you to consider our event.  There is no better history
lesson for your students than to expose them to the look and feel
of our American Civil War and the extreme sacrifices that so many
made in our Country for the freedoms that we enjoy today as a free
On April 1 and 2, the Rotary Club of Moorpark will host the 16th annual
reenactment, "The Blue & The Gray".  This year’s theme is
“The Road to Antietam”!  
The event will be staged at a new site in Moorpark in the center of
Hitch Ranch, an undeveloped property in Northwest Moorpark, running
parallel to Poindexter Avenue.  We will access the property at the West
end of High street directly opposite the entrance to Moorpark’s
Post Office.Gates open at 10:00 a.m. both days, with three battles
on Saturday(12, 3 & 5:15 p.m.) and two on Sunday (12 & 2:30 p.m.). 
Our event committee has approved a special Group Rate (20 or more):
$10 for your students, just bring a check for the total number of
students who will be attending from your class. The entry fee for
the instructor and chaperons will be similarly discounted to $15. 
Go to "Group Reservations" for more information
on ordering your tickets today..
You should be aware that there is ample food service, reasonably
priced at our event in our food court along with tables and chairs
for keeping your group together.

On our website, you will find several photos that will show you
what our event looks like and what your students can expect
to see in the encampment.  The South lost the war, but they
are generally our largest contingent and your students can see
both North and South encampments.  We expect to have over 700
re-enactors and their families in costume along with large contingent
of Civil War Sutlers, that were the merchants of that era that
followed the main battles.   
On our website, we also post a Civil War Questionnaire
that your students can complete by gathering information
at the event.  They have to do interviews, in many cases,
to gather the information, so it's a live learning experience.
Finally, you will find a link on our website to a short 5 minute VIDEO
clip, that we produced, called Gettysburg (Click here to view now)
 Please click on the link and take a look.  It's a quality piece of
Abraham Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg address interspersed with
battle scenes of past year's events.  It's quite moving and I would
encourage you to play it for your American History class. 
Thank you for reading this information and for coming to our website. 
This event is all about teaching our younger generation of the
sacrifices that were made by so many during our American Civil War.
And there is no better way to communicate that than by scheduling
a field trip to our event and letting us host you and your class to a
wonderful learning experience. 
If you need more information, please contact: