Rotary Clubs organize their efforts into 5 Avenues of Service:
Club Service
This Avenue focuses on Rotarian education and social activities for Rotarians and their families.
Whether it be listening to excellent speakers talk at each Rotary meeting, going out on a mystery dinner trip,
putt-putt golfing, getting together at a race track, or having a gathering at a local brewery,
the end result is having FUN so you can "Enjoy Rotary"!
Community Service
This Avenue focuses on Rotarians serving their local community charitably through
worthwhile projects that impact lives and make a difference.  It could be through monetary donations and/or manual labor.
Whether it be serving food at a shelter, cleaning up the highway, constructing a park,
building a wheelchair ramp for a WWII veteran, or cleaning up the city's Welcome signs
the end result is TOUCHING THE HEART of someone in need!
International Service
This Avenue focuses on Rotarians becoming true citizens of the world by serving their international community charitably
through sustainable worthwhile projects that save lives and make a difference.  They concentrate on the Areas of Focus.
This is where Rotarians work outside their normal comfort zone in the far stretches of the world
to help people you would never have had a chance otherwise to ever know. 
Whether it be delivering needed heart surgeries to the poor, supplying computers and books to disadvantaged students,
digging a well, reconstructing homes after an earthquake, or supplying Polio inoculations,
the end result is BRINGING HOPE to someone in need while BRIDGING CULTURAL gaps!
Vocational Service
This Avenue focuses on Rotarians helping others in business both economically and instructionally.
Whether it be re-educating local community members who lost their job in a new trade, combining seasoned
business professionals with emerging leaders for mentoring, or recognizing local law enforcement,
Youth Service
This Avenue focuses on Rotarians helping our youth with leadership, education, and their career.
Whether it be handing out scholarships to graduating high school seniors,
hosting foreign exchange students, giving a poor child his first computer, or conducting a youth leadership training camp,
the end result is INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE!